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Q- As a Homeowner, can I save money on Homeowners insurance if I get an Alarm System Installed?
A- Yes, many Insurance Companies offer a discount if you have a monitored alarm system installed. Discounts vary, but 10-20% is common. Please check with your insurance company.

Q- The incoming phone lines for my alarm system are exposed and vulnerable. Will my digital dialer work with a cut or disconnected phone line?
A- No, your dialer will not work if the phone line is cut, unless it is connected to a back-up radio or IP device. These back-up devices are available, and recommended if your phone lines are exposed to possible tampering.

Q- Can I have a security system and pets in my residence?
A- Yes, you can. Alarm manufacturers have designed pet friendly motion detectors. Our security systems can be set to work with most small pets. Our security consultants can design a system using glass-break sensors for homeowners with larger pets.

Q- Are there other functions my alarm system can perform in addition to alarm detection and notification?
A- Yes, in many cases your alarm can monitor for fire, flood, high or low temperature, natural gas leak, carbon monoxide accumulation, and other environmental conditions. It many also be able to control lighting, thermostats and door locks.

Q- How do I avoid a false alarm?
A- Some police departments charge for having to respond to multiple false alarms. To avoid false alarms: Wait for and answer the call from the central monitoring station, give them your password and let them know it was a false alarm and not to dispatch the authorities. ABF Security never charges for false alarms.

Q- Why ABF Security?
A- ABF Security is a local NJ based company which prides itself on it's reputation of being built solely on customer referrals. Our technicians have installed over 2500 security systems. We have been in the security industry since 1990. We use a world class monitoring station, Rapid Response Monitoring equipped with advanced back-up power, communication and  computer systems. Our security equipment is manufactured by the leaders in the industry, GE, 2Gig, Firelite, Honeywell, and other top of the line manufactures.

Q- How does the ABF home security system work?
A- Once installed your security system is connected to the Rapid Response Monitoring Network Center, providing continuous security all day, every day. Staffed by highly trained professionals using sophisticated equipment, when an alarm signal is received from your home, we immediately notify you and the police, fire department, or emergency personnel in your area.

Q- What if I want to refer a friend or neighbor to ABF Security? 
A- We consider customer referrals as the highest praise our customers can give us, many of our current customers have referred a friend or family member to us. That's trust! Our referral program provides you with three months of free monitored protection as a way of saying thank you for the confidence you've placed in us. Call 201-638-5931 or go online with your customer referral, and our customer service representatives will make sure that a referral reward comes your way as soon as the referral customer installs his or her system.

Q- Do I need a permit for the security system?
A- Local laws vary, contact your municipality to see if they require you to possess a permit for your monitored security system. Please keep your permit current to avoid fines and a lack of response in case of an emergency. Fees for permits are always the responsibility of the customer and not of ABF Security.