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Custom Home Security Systems

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Crash and Smash Protection

With Crash & Smash Protection your can rest assured that if a Crash & Smash attack happens

at your property, the central station will still be notified immediately. Most security systems 

have built-in entry delays and alarm reporting delays to ensure that you have enough time 

to disarm their systems upon entering your property before an alarm signal is sent to the

central station. This functionality is critical to reducing the incidence of false alarms and 

unneeded emergency response. Unfortunately, these delays give intruders more time to 

locate and destroy the security control panel – also known as a Crash & Smash event.


Crash and Smash Scenario

Intruder enters home starting a 30-second entry delay.

Intruder listens for entry delay beeps

Intruder smashes the control panel

Intruder believes that the security system is

disabled, and proceeds to burglarize the home.

Intruder is apprehended by the police minutes later.

and locates the control panel.

before the entry delay expires.

Equipment Upgrades to Basic Package

  • Door / Window Sensors for total perimeter protection when your home. 
  • Motion Sensors add cost effective protection when you are not home. 
  • Glass-Break Sensors for protecting sun rooms and rooms with multiple windows. 
  • Shock Sensors are the ultimate protection for detecting break-ins through windows and sliding glass doors. 
  • Keypads for convenient monitoring and control of alarm system functions 
  • Color Touch Screen Keypads for convenient monitoring and control of alarm system functions and home automation Demo
  • Keychain Remote convenient one button Arming and Disarming of system with Panic Alarm button.
  • Medical Emergency Pendant is your personal help button. If you have a medical emergency, just push your help button to be connected to a monitoring station professional through the 2-way voice intercom. 
  • Panic / Hold-Up Button strategically placed in-case of break-in when you are home. 
  • Asset Protection Sensors When affixed to a high value-item, the device will trigger an alarm if an attempt is made to move or disturb the item. Perfect for paintings, Expensive electronics, Gun safe, Antique collectibles etc. 
  • Smoke Detectors monitor for presence of smoke and automatically dispatches Fire Department. A must have for all pet owners and parents with children home alone. 
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors monitor for the presence of the deadly odorless gas Carbon Monoxide. NJ Law requires the use of carbon monoxide detectors most NJ residential dwellings.  
  • Flood Sensors monitor for the presence of water in basements and near hot water heaters. Peace of Mind for when you are away from home.

Smart Home Technology Upgrades